Meeting Minutes

Meetings That Are Not Minuted Waste Time

Not only that, but a lack of progress between meetings also:

  • Wastes your time
  • Erodes your productivity
  • Under-utilises your team’s skills and resources

There are a number of reasons for a lack of progress between meetings, the most likely of which is that, often, attendees are responsible for their own minutes, which they may or may not record accurately, or even take note of at all. And this means you’re likely to get as many different versions of the meeting (and the tasks that it generated) as you had attendees.

Cosapien ensures that one person is in control of recording the minutes but takes care of the critical information to free the scribe up, so that he or she can participate in decision-making processes.

Capture Accurate Minutes & Decisions That Are Useful In the Future

With Cosapien you can:

Control the kind of meetings you want to run

Collaborate with anyone, at any time

Co-create social contracts, manage due dates, handle accountability, & ensure productivity

Auto-minute the progress of tasks from previous meetings

All tasks can be managed by the meeting chair

Know what to do for your next meeting.

The Minute-Taker Is The Most Important Person At The Meeting

Using Cosapien to capture your meeting minutes saves you time and allows the minute-taker to be fully present and participative.

With the Meeting Minutes function you can:

  • Create a quick meeting while you’re on the telephone
  • Create a once-off meeting
  • Create a meeting series

How Can Cosapien Help You Capture More Accurate Minutes?

The Most Critical Elements Are Templated For You

Cosapien follows the correct process for effective minuting and empowers the meeting host or chair to manage the meeting in the most productive way possible. Cosapien ensures that all the critical information is inputted before the minutes can be published and tasks can be delegated.

Save Time On Admin
Cosapien’s mark down function allows for quick and easy bulleting of points and list generation, an essential feature to finish meetings on time. That means the minute taker can spend less time worrying about how the information is captured and more time participating in discussions and decisions.


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Email Attendees The Minutes Immediately After The Meeting
A lot of decisions that are taken and tasks that are delegated during meetings are forgotten about because they are not documented quickly. Waiting too long to capture this important data means you have to rely on your memory, and that’s how items fall through the cracks and tasks get forgotten.

Cosapien enables you to complete the administrative part of holding the meeting during the meeting session. It also empowers you to share the minutes with the group before they are published and made official. Changes can be made there and then, and decisions can be implemented efficiently.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Cosapien To Capture Your Meeting Minutes?

Distribute Your Meeting Minutes Via Email

Cosapien’s minuting process is quick and efficient, and all attendees have an opportunity to review the minutes before they are published. Plus, everyone is working from the same documentation, to achieve the same goals and there is consensus on the decisions that were taken.

Capture Minutes For People Who Are Not Registered Cosapien Users

You can include anyone on your distribution list, without them needing to register on Cosapien. We’ve made it as easy as possible for everyone to collaborate on one platform.

Unlimited Meeting Participants

You may only have enough space for a few meeting attendees, but maybe the entire department or company needs to know what decisions were taken at a particular meeting. Cosapien allows unlimited participants to be added for each meeting you minute.

Complete Archive Of Minutes

Where is the last set of meeting minutes you took? Scribbled on a notepad? Saved on a text or Word document somewhere? Jotted down in your diary? The chances are, possible all three. With Cosapien your meeting minute archives are stored online and you have access to them at any time, allowing you to refer back.

There Is No Limit To The Number Of Meetings You Can Minute

Whether you have 5 or 50 meetings in a month, Cosapien is completely scalable. It is as useful for executive assistants as it is for office managers, business owners, project managers, and heads of departments.

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