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How To Use Cosapien To Enable Six Sigma Practices

Six Sigma is an evaluation framework for assessing organisational processes. It is deployed to improve process output quality and mitigate variability through the identification and removal of errors in business and manufacturing processes.

In the event that a procedure or product does not meet the standard for more than a specified number of times, it is considered inefficient and needs to be improved.


So How Does Cosapien Enable Six Sigma Practices?

Cosapien allows the purpose of the meeting series to be captured and, by default, all meetings are considered to be part of a series.

One of Cosapien’s major features is that it enables tasks to be created from the decisions that are taken at meetings immediately.

Its task management capability is integrated with quality control mechanisms:

  • Each task request is show on at least two peoples’ radar outside the meeting, along with a due date and the ability to raise early warnings for the tasks that may not be completed in time
  • Progress on tasks is auto-minuted in meetings for continuity
  • Each task that is completed is reviewed

An employee doesn’t need to read the meeting minutes to know what their tasks are. Cosapien shows these to employees and attendees in summary form.


Six Sigma Practices And Meeting Management

Meetings are integral to Six Sigma but, as we all know, badly managed meetings are time-wasters (more on this here).

How does six sigma training enable organisations to run more effective meetings?


Team Grouping

Six Sigma recommends that groups are created based on participants’ certifications. An accurate grouping would be made up of a team of green belts that is led by a black belt. The black belt would be guided by a black belt master as when required during a project.


Effective Tools

Six Sigma encourages team leaders to empower their team members by providing the tools they need to participate effectively in a meeting. The meeting agenda should be prepared and distributed in advance to enable people to prepare.


Feedback Mechanisms

Six Sigma black belts should liaise with green belts, to gauge their feedback on the meeting’s efficiency.


Interested in using Cosapien to complement your team’s training in Six Sigma? Get an invite below.

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