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Managing Tasks with Cosapien

We communicate in many different ways in the workplace: through email, over the telephone, and in direct conversation. Some tasks may be sent via email, others may be delegated during meetings, others yet may be tasked over the telephone. We’re also using instant messaging platforms and mobile to communicate now, creating even more channels for task allocation.

Cosapien is an online task management tool, where all of these tasks can be managed, whether the other people you collaborate with are registered Cosapien users or not. It manages the critical elements of tasking for you:

Delegating tasks

Allocating due dates

Managing due dates through reminders

Encouraging sufficient information to be shared in order for the task to be delegated

Supporting files can be uploaded to ensure a thorough brief is given, and so that no other form of communication is required.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Task Management’s key features:

Tasks Requests Function

Cosapien draws on the psychology behind requesting collaboration from colleagues and co-workers. As we shift away from a control and command approach to management, the emphasis falls on each member of a team to assume responsibility for his or her tasks.



With the Events feed, Cosapien draws your attention to changes in your task schedule and highlights occurrences that you might miss on a busy day. Here you might find that someone did not accept a task request, or that you were endorsed for a particular activity or task.

Your To Do List

Cosapien offers full task management, ordering your tasks according to priority and showing you when they are due by. Here you get a higher level overview of what needs to be done for a particular day, over a week, over the course of a month or even a year. You can say goodbye to notepads, diaries and forgotten appointments. All you have to is accept or capture a task and Cosapien will remind you about it.

Tasks Awaiting Response

This section of the task management function allows you to see which tasks still need to be responded to and from whom you are still awaiting responses. This enables you to follow up or send reminders, to minimize the risk of activities and projects running past due dates, and gives you greater control over your own time frames.

Tasks Awaiting Completion

The tasks awaiting completion section gives you a list of the tasks you have delegated that still need to be completed. Here you can see when the tasks are due by, and who is responsible for them. You also have quick links to mark them as complete.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cosapien For Task Management?

Email Tasks Captured At Meetings

We get carried away in conversation at meetings, delegate tasks and offer to fulfil them but, more often than not, these social promises do not translate into tasks that are actioned. Cosapien enables you to manage tasks from meetings and other channels of delegation.

Better Quality Control

When you create a task in Cosapien you are required to furnish the person being delegated to with all the necessary information to complete it. You are also required to set a due date and to confirm that you will review the completed work within a certain timeframe. Collaborators can also raise early warnings to advise if a task is running late.

Manage your meetings

Collaborate With Anyone

Use Cosapien to capture tasks from internal meetings, as well as those held with suppliers, partners or affiliates. All you need is an email address and you can control the way tasks are carried out for you.

Work From Anywhere & On Any Device

All you need to work on Cosapien is your device of choice and an Internet connection. We’ve created it like this because we know that everyone has their own preferences. We also know that busy people are on the move often, and may even be using multiple devices, so Cosapien works with you.

responsive task management

Request Social Commitment Instead of Assigning Tasks

Cosapien also recognises that collaboration is a two-way street and the dashboard view gives you a snapshot of your reputation as a collaborator and rates you according to the tasks you are responsible for, as well as those you have requested of others.

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