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Optimising The Brain For Maximum Productivity

Getting The Basics In Place

It doesn’t matter how busy you might consider yourself or how indifferent you might feel to exercise, your brain needs rest and exercise as much as your body does. We spoke to Cosapien founder Jan-Jan van der Vyver about how to get more from the brain.

“The baseline requirements are to get enough sleep (8 hours a day), eat (a variety of) healthy food, and get regular exercise. Now your brain is healthy enough to start optimising”, says Jan-Jan.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit


Train Your Brain To Boost Productivity

The next steps to improve productivity concern not wasting your mental cycles:


Know What Your Desired Outcome Is For Every Meeting

Take control of your meetings and make sure that each one achieves the objectives that you pre-minute. Use Cosapien to help you stay focused and on-track in your discussions.


Use Your Most Creative Times Judiciously

Make sure you monopolise on the opportunities to use your most productive times of the day for your most demanding and creative tasks. Emails, for example, are a silent productivity killer, and should not take up your valuable time at the beginning of the day or after you have had a break.


End Your Work Day With An Unfinished Task

If you’re having a busy day, working late and trying to cram everything in and finish an important is not optimal. Rather wind down, relax, and go to sleep. Continue with the task the next morning; your mind will provide a number of great insights (a great tip from Ernest Hemingway).


Get An Assistant

Multitasking really is not all that it’s cracked up to be. As human beings we can only cope with a certain number of tasks and still complete them all satisfactorily. Learn what, and how to, delegate.


Don’t Just Solve Problems

Rather put systems in place so that you only need to solve problems once. Don’t waste your own time and energy by repeating the same mistakes. Solve problems once and make sure they do not recur.


Work 40-Hours Or Less Per Week

When you are over-worked you’re more likely to burn out, feel tired and not be fully participative in your day to day tasks. As mentioned above, replenish your brain with healthful food, give it a boost with regular exercise and ensure it has enough time to rest.

With Cosapien you can cut out unnecessary administration and implement smoother workflow processes, that allow you more free time to spend on the things you want to be doing.


If you found this article interesting, Cosapien’s time management and meeting minuting capabilities will work for you.

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