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How To Write Meeting Minutes In 6 Simple Steps

Would you like to find out how to write meeting minutes that are accurate and useful? Cosapien is a minute taking and productivity system that takes care of meeting minutes for you, allowing you to participate freely and fully in your meetings. Let’s take a look at how…


Pre-Minuting | Document The Essential Details

The first step is to give your meeting a meaningful title. Perhaps you meet with the same team a few times a week, maybe you hold regular meetings for similar purposes. Titling the meeting accurately makes it easier to index and makes the minutes easier to retrieve when you have an archive.

Next, insert the date and time of the meeting, as well as its location. Take note of the meeting duration too. It’s considerate for the other attendees and will help to prevent you from running over time.

Enter the email addresses of the chair and scribe. If anyone needs additional information before or after the meeting, they will know who to request it from.


Give Your Meeting A Clear Purpose

Meetings that are not objective-based are known time-wasters. Let the meeting participants know what the meeting’s objectives are from the outset.


Take Note Of The Attendees

When you make use of Cosapien’s pre-minuting capabilities, you can invite attendees from your dashboard. By doing this you don’t have to worry about managing different calendars, because everything is consolidated in one place.

You can also create a distribution list in Cosapien to send the meeting minutes out to people who may not have been present. It might not be practical to have 25 people sitting in a meeting, but its outcomes and the tasks generated from it may concern them all.

how to write meeting minutes

Enter The Agenda Items

Allow the participants to be prepared by sharing the items that are to be discussed. Keep your meeting focused on the issues that matter and minimise your chances of becoming distracted by issues that have not been tabled.

If there are any outstanding commitments from meetings held previously, Cosapien will include them in your agenda for the current meeting. Cosapien will let you know when the commitments were minuted, who they were requested from and when they are due by.

This means the margin for human error, as well as reliance on human memory, is minimised. Cosapien effectively remembers these items and raises them as agenda items. In fact, the system shows you how to write meeting minutes, without you needing to do much writing at all.


Take Note Of New Discussions And New Decisions

One of the most critical elements of how to write meeting minutes is to keep it concise. If you spend most of the meeting duration with your head buried in your computer, you won’t be able to immerse yourself fully in the discussions that are held. Capture the most salient points concisely. This may take a bit of practice. Make sure you document enough detail so that your follow-on tasks can be completed correctly.

Also ensure, if there are meeting minute recipients who are not present but who are on your distribution list, that the minutes make sense. It may not always be possible to make comprehensive notes while the discussions are going on, but remember that Cosapien allows you to make updates once the meeting is over.


Get Group Approval On The Minutes

It is a good idea to show the meeting attendees the minutes that have been recorded prior to publishing them. If you have a projector available, show the minutes on the screen and get verbal agreement before you publish.

Cosapien will archive the meeting minutes online for you, but we also make a downloadable PDF available, which is ideal if you want to print a hard copy. And, just in case people don’t read the minutes, each collaborator requested to take action will be mailed a task request by Cosapien.


If you’d like to know more about how to write meeting minutes that are accurate and useful in the future, please sign up on our link below. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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