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Cosapien Takes Care Of The Minutes & Adds Hours To Your Organisational Productivity

Cosapien’s minute taking and productivity system saves time, manages accountability and enables collaboration in meetings.

Cosapien facilitates progress between meetings by providing a minute taking template and structure to work from, and by managing the tasks that arise from meetings. Cosapien takes care of the entire meeting process, enabling everyone, including the minute-taker, to participate and contribute completely to the agenda before them.

When they are used properly, meetings are highly effective for making decisions, enabling communication, boosting morale and for delegating tasks. However, as we all know too well, when they are not used effectively they are an expensive waste of time.

  • Controlled Meetings = Greater Productivity

    Effective meetings need a clearly defined structure and purpose. Cosapien’s pre-minuting function puts you in control and empowers you to run the meeting agenda you want to. Cosapien ensures that the same process is followed during every meeting, and that the minutes of each meeting can become the agenda for the next, allowing for more effective processes and smoother workflows.


  • Embrace A Collaborative Working Style

    Instead of delegating tasks, Cosapien asks collaborators to accept and agree to them. And unlike in a meeting, Cosapien requires the delegator to present all the task information for the collaborator, as well as to commit to reviewing the completed work within a certain time frame.

    It also reminds you of what it is you are committing to, when you are supposed to deliver by and who you are accountable to. It’s a fairer way of developing social contracts, where the expectations are clear and transparent.


  • Versatility | Location, Devices, Divisions, Departments & Companies

    Cosapien is fully responsive and can be used on any device. You can update your tasks from your smart phone at a coffee shop or off a tablet in a conference room, just as easily as if you were using a desktop in the office. In fact, all you need is an Internet connection, and an email address and you can start collaborating. It is used at all organisational levels and across various departments.

Capture Accurate Minutes

Without comprehensive documentation and minute taking, a meeting becomes a discordant and fragmented attempt at re-assembling events, details and conversations from memory.

Delegate and Manage Tasks

Cosapien manages the life cycle of tasks completely, from pre-minuting to review stage- because a task cannot be considered complete until it has been approved.

Six Simple Steps to More Effective Meetings

Pre-minute your meeting

Minute the meeting

Delegate and accept tasks

Manage due dates

Review tasks

Create new tasks or sign off. Move forward.

  • Weekly staff meetings
  • Supplier and contractor meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Virtual meetings
  • Telephonic conversations
  • Project meetings.

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Client Feedback

  • It gives me great pleasure to provide you with some feedback and comments on my experience with Cosapien.

    We’ve implemented Cosapien in our Programme Management office as a pilot in April 2011 with the aim of finding an easy and reliable way of recording and tracking tasks and decisions agreed to during project and steercom meetings. Up to that stage we relied on anything from minutes typed out in MS Word, task lists and decision logs on MS Excel to document repositories and Enterprise Project Management systems. Although Cosapien doesn’t attempt to replace Enterprise Project Management systems, in my opinion it contributes to the effectiveness of these systems.

    Cosapien proved to be extremely effective as a tool to record minutes, decisions and tasks during meetings. The minute format is clean and easy to follow and in my experience, using Cosapien as collaboration tool in meetings, has increased efficiency and effectiveness of meetings immensely.

    Faan Buys
    Faan BuysSanlam
  • Ever since I have been managing people I have been looking for software that can integrate with existing collaboration systems to publish meeting minutes and allocate documented and traceable tasks to staff members. Not only does Cosapien handle both meeting and task delegation seamlessly but, within no time at all, has proven itself remarkably easy to use and adaptable to changing conditions within the staff management environment. Apart from the benefits as already explained, my experience of Cosapien is that it integrates well into any work environment and helps in managing people by tracking their performance, improving communication and overall improvement of the understanding and quality of tasks being handed in.

    Russell Gill
    Russell GillLinux Warehouse
  • The best of all is that Cosapien is a product that can be accessed and worked on by staff members, even when out of the office, as long as they have access to a computer or smart phone and the internet.

    In short, I recommend that any person responsible for managing and tasking people seriously consider Cosapien as an alternate to the manual model that so many managers still rely on to this day.


    Russell Gill
    Russell GillLinux Warehouse
  • Minutes and decisions are easily accessible and available anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The biggest gain though is the effect that the social contract principle and reputation tracking has on actions between meetings. The fact that all tasks due from various meetings are grouped together in each participant’s personal To Do list makes it much easier to stick to commitments. The reputation display provides additional motivation. I found Cosapien so useful that I’ve started using it during my one-on-one meetings with my direct reports and I now manage my entire department with Cosapien tasks. I even refer to it during performance evaluation discussions. I’m impressed with the technical support that we’ve received and up to now every request that we’ve had has been dealt with effectively. Congratulations on a great product. I’m looking forward to using the future enhancements already in the pipeline.

    Faan Buys
    Faan BuysSanlam
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